Warranty Replacement Shipping & Handling (for Film - U.S. Only)

Warranty Replacement Shipping & Handling (for Film - U.S. Only)

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  1. Warranty Replacements can be used for ANY reason! Scratched? Dented? Peeling or Breaking? Go ahead and replace it with a Warranty Replacement.
  2. Simply purchase the Warranty Replacement above and we'll send out a new replacement immediately! 
  3. Once your Warranty Replacement has been ordered, we'll email you with further instructions.

The Fine Print:

  • All warranty replacements come WITHOUT tracking and delivery confirmation. To upgrade the shipping, please add upgraded shipping to your cart.
  • You must purchase one warranty replacement for each *item* you want to replace on your original order.
  • You must be replacing something you have already purchased. In other words, don't buy this and expect to get anything if you haven't already ordered from us in the past. That would be cheating.
  • Warranty Replacements and Upgraded shipping may not be purchased with a coupon. Technically it will work with a coupon in the cart because we can't figure out an easy way to exclude it from the coupons. However, any purchases made with a coupon applied will be rejected and refunded without a replacement being sent.

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