Custom Cut Screen Protector Film (comes with 3 or 6 pieces)

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We have a database of thousands of devices - far too many to list on our site. Just purchase the appropriate option above and we will email you for details on your specific device.

  • 24 hr. turnaround 


Our invisible SHIELD film is a high-end, impact resistant, super-tough film, comparable to ZAGG and BodyGuardz film. This kind of film was originally developed to protect the edges of military helicopter blades! It is a moisture application film, allowing it to curve around corners and curved screens. 



Our Hi-Def line of film is a rigid, glass-like feeling film. It is a dry-application film. Please note that this film can not be applied around curves. This is generally considered to be an entry-level film, but many prefer it because of it's more slippery feel.



All watch, camera, phone, Nintendo Switch & GPS purchases include 6 cuts of film so you always have extra pieces on-hand in case of an emergency!

All tablets include 3 cuts of SHIELD film or 6 cuts of Hi-Def film.

All custom cut purchases come with free shipping and tracking. We will only ship to billing addresses for custom orders.

(Note: if you would like us to cut custom film for something else, please choose "other". Additional charges may apply for this option depending on the size and complexity of the design.)

Final thought: because of the popularity of glass screen protectors, we are unable to keep film protectors in-stock for most phones. However, we have the designs for most of them, we have the film and the equipment, and so we are always willing to cut out film for you on-demand! 

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