Apple iPhone - SPARTAN SHIELDZ Case Friendly Tempered Glass - 10x stronger!

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Product Description

  • NEW!!! SPARTAN SHIELDZ Glass is more than 10X STRONGER than regular glass!
  • Custom designed to fit your iPhone
  • provides CASE-friendly coverage, compatible with 99% of cases 
  • aluminosilicate composition ensures even tougher glass - guaranteed to be stronger than ANY competitor's glass, even stronger than ZAGG or BodyGuardz
  • impact-absorbing film layer distributes impact away from device screen
  • precision-cut edges ensure no micro-fractures
  • easy to install with no bubbles
  • oleophobic coating, fingerprint resistant
  • 9H surface hardness, scratch-resistant
  • super-slim profile
  • XTREME savings over other major retailers for even better quality!!!





    To bring you the highest quality products, comparable to major brands like ZAGG, Bodyguardz and Apple, at the most affordable prices possible. 

    To provide amazing customer service - support so good we can be proud to tell our grandmas what we do for a living.





    First, we offer a 60-day manufacturer's warranty on all our products. If something is defective, we'll replace it immediately, no questions asked!

    Second, we offer a Lifetime Replacement Program on all our screen protectors! If it breaks, scratches or peels, we've got you covered! Literally. And figuratively. It's a beautiful thing.


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