LOST? We Can Help!

Hello, friend!

We recently made MAJOR upgrades to our site, but in order to do so, we had to leave our old back-end. We have chosen to use Shopify, instead, which will GREATLY enhance your experience and our ability to serve you!

So, if you've found this page instead of the one you are looking for, you now have 4 options.

1. Go to our homepage and checkout the new site! You'll also be able to get a 93% OFF DISCOUNT code!

2. If you can't find the product you want on our site (we are adding more each day but it takes a long time to add back 5,000+ products) head over to eBay and search one of our eBay stores (xtremeguard for SHIELD film or ezguardz for Hi-Def film)

3. Or, go to Amazon and search one of our Amazon stores (xtremeguard USA or xtremeguard Canada)

4. Still can't find what you need? Shoot us an email at customerservice (at) xtremeguard (dot) com and we can help you from there.

Thanks for supporting us as we continue working to bring you the BEST QUALITY products at the most XTREME DISCOUNTS on the internet!