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Dear XtremeGuard Fan,
We're reaching out to you today because we have BIG news. Some major changes have happened here and they are causing big changes in our business. (Of course, it also means big discounts, but first...the big news...)
1. Two New OWNERS
2. One New WEBSITE
3. A Whole New MO
4. and last but not least, an XTREME discount (scroll to #4 toward the bottom if this is all you want)
Still here? Great, let's get into the details.

1. Two New Owners
That's right, two new owners!
We've been in this industry since 2005, and we're excited to bring our expertise to this amazing discount website!
As new owners, we are excited to make some BIG changes so we can bring you even more and even better deals. The first big change is...

Our new website is finally ready after months of development. 
The new website features
  • a cleaner layout
  • easier navigation
  • better search functionality
  • more informative product listings
  • new products being added all the time
  • and even better pricing
One of the biggest changes you'll notice on the site is that the crazy high prices are gone. No more cables for $111! 😂
The intentionally outrageous pre-discount prices on the old site became a big problem for a lot of people. Of course, it was never the intention to trick or mislead people, but it turns out those prices turned many people off. So we listened and we changed it. 
Every item on our site now shows you the actual price you'd pay from the main players in this industry.
Yes, those prices are still high, but they are the prices our competitors are actually charging!
The great news is that we are still able to give you XTREME discounts so you still get low, wholesale prices, thus fulfilling our mission:
  • To give you the same, high quality products, but at XTREME discounts!
3. New MO (modus operandi, ie., how we operate)
Of course, a long tradition of has been our amazing discounts, and YES, those discounts will continue to happen!
In fact the end-prices are even better now!
There are now a few ways to get XTREME discounts.
  1. There is always an 80% discount posted on the top of the site, whether you're a member or not. Use the 80% discount on screen protectors anytime there's not a sale going on.
  2. Join our Discount Club for an immediate 93% OFF discount code. We'll also email out discount codes randomly on individual products, product groups, product categories, and sometimes even for the whole site! Head on over to the website to get your 93% OFF discount today! This is where you'll get the best discounts throughout the year.
  3. The THIRD way you get discounts is by buying in bulk. On the old site, it was the same price no matter how many you purchased, but now the prices get better the more you buy! Check out your favorite phone today to see how low the prices go when you buy your screen protectors in bulk.
A few other important notes about the new site

New Products
We are adding a lot of new products to the site. Cases, cables, charger, power adapters and more! Come see what new accessories we have available under the XTREMEGEAR dropdown on the main navigation menu. 

We are working hard on improving the quality of all our screen protector designs and cuts. We know there have been some quality issues on some devices so we are working fast to identify and fix those. Our mission is to bring you HIGH quality products and we will not stop working to make that happen! Please get in touch with us right away if a screen protector does not fit your device. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make our products better!

Shipping is no longer free, but in most cases, the end-cost of the order is about the same as on the old site and in many cases it's even better.
There are two reasons for this change:
  1. USPS is not highly reliable. Our old site did not give people a good way to easily upgrade shipping to include tracking. Now it does! We strongly encourage people to choose tracking, but it's still possible to ship for less.
  2. Second, think about this - if shipping is free, that means the cost is baked into the price of the product you're buying. So what happens if you buy two products, but shipping doesn't cost double? Doesn't matter. You still pay for two. In reality, the better model is to have lower prices for each product, then let you choose which shipping option you want. Our new site makes it clear that, when you choose upgraded shipping, you can include a LOT more items in the package without increasing the cost of the shipping, thus saving you a substantial amount. Since over 90% of our orders include more than two items, this is just one more way we are bringing you XTREME savings!
Customer Accounts:
Unfortunately we were not able to bring your customer account over to the new platform. However, you do not need to create an account to get the 93% discount. (Instead, just sign up for the new emails and we'll send you your first 93% discount code immediately).
We do still have record of, and access to, all your previous orders but you will not be able to see them on your end. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if/when you have any questions.

4. XTREME Discount Time!
So, now for your first XTREME discount!
Use DISCOUNT CODE #93OFFGLASS to get 93% OFF any glass in your first order on the new site
Or use DISCOUNT CODE #83OFFFILM to get 83% OFF any film products in your first order on the new site..

On top of that, buy multiples and get even bigger discounts!
Please note, the new site does not allow stacking of codes, so you'll have to make two separate orders if you want to purchase both glass and film.
Also, both of these codes are just one-time use codes, so make sure you get everything you want!
These are some of the deepest discounts you'll see all year, and they will only be happening about once every three months. So use it before you lose it!

Finally, Thank You for all your support. The previous owners are so grateful to you for the ten amazing years you've given them. And now we, the new owners, thank you for your continued support!
We promise we will do our best to continue bringing you amazing high-quality products with XTREME discounts long into the future!

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